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London Pride v Timothy Taylor Landlord

May 4, 2010

To Covent Garden for a meeting that is postponed, so after some shopping, another sudden downpour, this time accompanied by hail, brings forward and shortens a search for a well earned pint in a pub serving London Pride, the best real ale in the world or, at a push Timothy Taylor Landlord, the second best real ale (about the only thing decent product to emerge from Yorkshire). Imagine my surprise and delight when the nearest pub into which I dash, The White Horse,  is serving both!, as one of my pictures shows. However it is a measure of the chasm of class between these beers that the pub keeps 3 barrels and pumps on tap at all times of Pride as opposed to 1 of Landlord. Amusingly the pumps all have caricatures of the leaders of the 3 main political parties. I decide on the Cameron pump as clearly this will be the most used and so the freshest!

taking Pride in our political process

 Marooned as I am in Covent Garden for the early evening for a boring meeting with a lawyer precludes the taking in of a show so I must find a restaurant for sustenance thereafter. meetings with lawyers are nearly always boring and always expensive. I well remember when working with my lawyer, Mark Wilkins, who subsequently retired to live in Marbella, I found some napkins bearing the motive “talk is cheap – except when you are talking to your lawyer”. which I kindly gave him as a present.  Decidedly, he did not get the joke, although he had previously exhibited  a great sense of humour, especially when submitting invoices.  You may well take the view that his departure to sunnier climes may have been accelerated by the enormous fees we paid him, others, such as Mark himself will no doubt take the view that the service he provided was worth every penny, I know what I think, but the fear of libel lawyers and wariness of lawyers in general precludes me from expressing an opinion (I am of course joking, he is still a dear friend who has been known to read this blog!)

Dave the fade warns me of the possibility of rain for our next golf outing next weekend at Opio Valbonne, which if bourn out will see me develop a mystery injury preventing me from getting wet, I mean playing.

from left to right, the first and seconf best real ales in the world

From right to left, the first and second best real ales in the world

My final picture below shows the good people of  Covent Garden enjoying a typical spring day in London, doubtless Mr North is out there somewhere revelling in it.

chris France

buying a house in France, moving money?

Latest local news?

Best Estate Agency in Valbonne?

Best French Riviera Property Agent?

rent my house in summer?

Best on line resource in Valbonne?

Secret supper club

Wedding reception?

Valbonne Tourist Office

Top quality interior designer?

A lovely day in Covent Garden persuades people to go for a run

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  1. Pinman permalink
    May 4, 2010 10:28 am

    “if bourn out” – Is “bourn” out the result of cerebral burn out ? Or is it the small stream from Scottish origin in which your golfing partners often lose their balls ? But if you were born to the task of reinventing the English language, then, as your faithful readers, that is something we must bravely bear before we get bored, which is borne out in this reply !!


    • May 4, 2010 11:22 am

      A borne is surely french for a boundary? And as you know there are no boundaries for this blg, neither taste, style nor spelling!


      • Pinman permalink
        May 4, 2010 10:43 pm

        If we are getting a French lesson as well…..borné – means narrow minded and of limited intelligence…definitions which should NEVER be applied to the writer of such erudite frogblogs !!

        Next time stick to John Courage Director’s bitter like a real Londoner !


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